Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Hint #5 -- Gift Cards

If your people are difficult to buy for, consider gift cards. It’s never too early to look for special deals that reward you with free gift cards. Beware of online gimmicks, however. A $25 gift card offer may be legit, but if they promise you a $1,000 gift card for filling out a survey, it’s probably a scam. When shopping for gift cards, pay attention to the fine print. Most store and restaurant gift cards give you what you pay for, but Visa, M/C, etc., may charge a hefty premium for their cards.

Always check your major store receipts. Many of them offer a chance at a high-end gift card for filling out a survey on their website. It only takes a few minutes and most people don’t realize this opportunity is available so there isn’t as much competition as you might think. These offers usually carry a deadline, so be sure to complete the survey within a day or two.

If you plan on giving gift cards, it’s fun to combine them with another gift to make it seem more personal. We attach ours to grocery store goodies, like beef jerky, pistachio nuts, or Almond Rocca to make them more interesting.

Since gift cards are about the same size as bookmarka, why not include them with a paperback book from OLA.


Supergranny said...

Remember, senior citizens, if on a fixed income, would probably appreciate gift cards from WalMart or grocery stores more than anything.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Definitely!! Tuck it in a warm pair of gloves or socks. Or a nice throw.

Remember, seniors get weaker as they get older and the lighter weight but warm throws suit them to a T!! Easier to grasp!! I found that the thicker fleece throws worked for my dad!

Fleapirates said...

When buying gift cards for the younger set, make it challenging to get to the gift card... lol.

For example, a puzzle box! I did this to my son with a $50 bill once!

Or wrap it in a multitude of boxes, each wrapped individually!

Or wrap it and put it in a lunchbox.

Or sticking out the pocket of a shirt.

You get the idea! ;)