Saturday, November 5, 2011

Horse'n Around

I  have had horses for about 40 years, mostly Morgans, but the last 6 years have been minis. Needless to say,  I haven't ridden in a while.  Tonight I went to watch my friend Christin ride the cute paint mare she's leasing. I got so excited! I forgot how big "real" horses are, and I wanted to ride Frankie soooo bad.  I was just itchin' to get up there and work on her little circle issues, and try to get some impulsion out of her hindquarters...but, alas, she's not mine to work with. Just gotta stick with my 5 little guys - they keep me busy enough! Minion's gonna be the "chosen" one to do a lot of the work, but his brother Jazz and dad Cal are so incredibly snazzy, they may have to have a show career... gotta wait till winter's over tho!!
I have found some handy items for my horses at like  a nice canvas blanket for Jazz when he was born. Here are a few suggestions for a horse lover's Christmas list:

 From Fleapirates, a NICE new natural leather horse-size halter and lead or some DANDY stirrup irons:

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 Bchaflingers have this wonderful Usborne Book about Pony Care to offer:

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Found among a variety of animal-related things in Crittercache is one of my favorite non-fiction horse books The Body Language of Horses. A classic!

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And from curiocache, there are a variety of equestrain themed t shirts to pick from!

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Supergranny said...

What is impulsion that you need to get out of the hindquarters? I'm thinking I need to find out so I can get rid of some of my impulsion in my hindquarters:)

kornkountrytreasures said...

SG you are so funny!!

I really envy the horse owner! I love horses but man, it's a lotta work!! But they are beautiful!!

Especially yours! I love seeing the pics of them!!

Fleapirates said...

You are such a sweetheart for featuring my horsey listings! Thanks!

And that desire to ride? Just imagine how your legs will feel afterwards... that'll stop ya! Finding those muscles that haven't been used in decades! I know!