Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Memories

I am blogging without the benefit of pictures today!! On a road trip again . . . it's gonna be a long day!! But I was thinking of a special Christmas that we had as kids.

I am the middle of three children. In the late 50's, Daddy went back to school in St. Louis, MO. Mother, Sue, Marty and I had a little house that was owned by my aunt in Decatur, IL. It was only a one bedroom so Mom and Sue shared the bedroom and Marty and I slept on either end of the cot in the living room.

Things were tight that year. Mom worked nights and Sue watched us kids but it got to be too much for her so my grandparents came and got Marty and I. We all joined up again a few weeks before Christmas. Mom and Grandma "Pete" were busy sewing stuffed animals galore!! Of course, I didn't know then that they were for us!!

We had kittens out of terry cloth, daschunds out of coat lining, a crocheted monkey, several poodles out of coat lining with crocheted "curls". I will never forget that Christmas!! Everything was hand made out of things that we had on hand because with Daddy's schooling, we didn't have too much!!

This Christmas is my favorite out of all the ones in my past!! It was a very special year because these things were all made with enormous amounts of love!! And we had each other!!

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Love Your Pet Expo said...

I love all these Christmas stories. They'd make great Hallmark movies. Thanks for sharing.

chateycathey said...

When we were young we did a lot of things to make special days special with very little money and sometimes no money.

kornkountrytreasures said...

And I'll bet you remember those the most, huh?