Friday, November 18, 2011

Haeger Pottery Began Its History......

Do you know what memorable event occurred in 1871? Chicago?....

The Chicago fire that burned about 3 1/3 square miles and burned from Oct 8 to Oct 10. With over 100,000 people without homes and businesses, there was a lot of rebuilding to be done.

It was at this opportune time that David H. Haeger, a German immigrant to Illinois, opened a brick company to provide a need for building materials to reconstruct Chicago after that great fire.

So David had a real light bulb moment and Haeger potteries opened in 1871, at first manufacturing only bricks. Brick making was an important industry at the turn of the 19th century because most buildings were constructed from wood or masonry. The Haeger company was kept busy for years. It was common for art pottery companies to begin operating as utilitarian clay manufacturers and continue in that venue while expanding to decorative wares. As decorative pottery became fashionable and more affordable for the middle classes, Haeger expanded its designs in 1912 to include glazed artware.

In 1954 Elsa Ken Haeger designed the Royal Garden Flower-ware line which is what the pink pottery is shown below.

Haeger is owned by its president, Alexandra Haeger Estes, the great-granddaughter of its founder, David H. Haeger.

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