Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finding Identification and Price Guides

In yesterday's blog post, I spoke of Identifying Glassware and showed you several examples of interesting pieces that are currently available for purchase from the great sellers at Today I thought we'd talk of Finding Identification and Price Guides to boost your success in treasure hunting. No matter the object of your desire, there seems to be a "guide" for collecting.

The guides are often large, hardcover editions. How many do you have? (I have several, but it's never enough!)

Have you ever shopped for one at a retail bookstore? I'll tell you, the prices will shock you!

I was just browsing one day, but found one on a popular manufacturer of porcelain. It was huge! It was fabulous!  And it was filled with valuable photos, current values and dated pattern descriptions. It was going to go home with me... until I saw the $60 price tag!

So what to do? Shop online!

Since that day, I've purchased several guides at very reasonable prices. (A couple of those were real steals!) And I found several tempting offers today! Let me share them with you:

This is an OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE TO HUMMEL FIGURINES AND PLATES which you can find in the store of Plusizeglamor.

Yes, even collectibles like records have Price Guides! Check this one out, a RECORD COLLECTOR'S 45RPM PRICE GUIDE - BOOK, from JrFleaMarket!

In the store of Morerivethead84 you'll find several Identification Guides, but I chose this one because we were just speaking of glassware, weren't we? Look at this Glass TOOTHPICK holders 1999 BOOK Guide reference!

All of these books are attractively priced! Wouldn't they be a nice addition to your reference library?


Supergranny said...

That toothpick book does look very tempting!

chateycathey said...

Cool, I just sold my books on OLA not long ago and trying to get some more of my glass listed. Guess I should have kept the books until glass ware sold. Duh to me!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Didn't even know they had ones for 45's!! Learn something every day!