Saturday, November 12, 2011

Identifying Glassware

I love glassware, but I admit, I am a novice when browsing for treasures. This is one area of Antiques and Collectibles where I believe people are constantly honing their skills. Many collectors house a library of reference books to assist them. Others scour the internet. Me? If I am stumped, I call Supergranny!

How are your skills at identifying glassware?

Here are some pieces you can add to your collection right away!
They are all available for purchase from fine sellers at!

  • Pressed Glass has been made in a mold.

This is a lovely ANTIQUE PRESSED AND CUT WINE GLASS DIAMONDS/3 RINGS, from RodbusterScubaDog!

  • Early American Pattern Glass, (EAPG) describes American pattern glass manufactured between 1850 and 1910.

Here's a beautiful set of  7 Vintage EAPG glass Snack and tea cup trays, from RobinsGoneShopn!

  • As the name implies, Depression Glass was distributed during the Depression Years, and was most often given out by companies as a premium. 

This Depression Glass Sharon Creamer Amber is offered at a great price from arfive!

  • Carnival Glass is pressed glass. It was manufactured about 1905 to 1930 and features an iridescent finish.

This is a gorgeous Fenton Marigold Carnival Glass Cut Arc Compote that you can find at BuyItAgain!

  • Cut to Clear Glass starts as clear glass and is then layered with another color, with the most common being red or blue. Various designs are afterwards cut into the glass to show the clear base.

This Cranberry Cut to Clear Bohemian Rose Bowl Votive Holder is available in my store, FleaPirates!

Now this is just a smidgeon of glassware terms and a sampling of the treasures to be found. What's your favorite kind of glass? Personally, I have an affinity for Moonstone Opalescent Hobnail, which is a hobnail pattern, with a misty white decoration applied at the edge, which appears fiery when held to the light. Those treasures, however, never go beyond my own collection. I am always watching for a unique-to-me piece to arrive in the OLA listings... will you outbid me?


Supergranny said...

You sure picked some pretty glassware to feature. I love glassware and there is all kinds of interesting stories out there about glassware. You are such a goofy little critter!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I agree, these are lovely! I've had people look for the different snack plates and such for weddings, nowadays! After all, it's not expensive and you can find lots of it if you want to!!

chateycathey said...

Your selection of glass wear is beautiful. I used to collect it but now I have nowhere for it. So sad for me.

CurioCache said...

The pressed glass and diamonds one sure looks familiar...gonna check at my Mom's house tomorrow to see if she has it...I know she inherited a bunch from my Gramma.