Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holy Gravy, Batman!

Adam West is my facebook friend, and last Thanksgiving he posted his recipe for gravy... here it is.. enjoy!!
"By popular request, here is my recipe for THANKSGIVIN' DRIPPIN’ LIP SMACKIN’ GRAVY…..Save the drippins from the turkey and all other edible residue. Chop cooked giblets, some stripped neck meat, the heart etc. Medium fine chop. Add to the drippins mix.....Add half can of chicken broth, two large drops of A1 sauce, a pinch of salt or two, a small sprinkle of red pepper flakes, and a small pinch of onion salt, if you have it. Cook it over a medium-high heat. Add several pinches of flour to thicken. Continue to stir with a wooden spoon. As it thickens, begin to add hot water but keep it the thickness you like for the gravy. I like it not terribly runny so that it holds like seafoam moving out on a low tide. Stir, stir, stir. Allow to come to a boil. Please taste. You will know what to add if anything. Should take around 10-20 minutes of stirring. Great on mashed potatoes, turkey, or mopped up with some fresh bread...."

And, speaking of Batman, check out OLA for your Caped Crusader collectibles!


Supergranny said...

Very interesting......hard to imagine we've that many different sellers with Batman memorabilia. Thanks

Fleapirates said...

Why does it not surprise me that you are friends with Adam West???

Great Batman memorabilia! :D

chateycathey said...

Whose is Adam West? Don't answer that, I know who he is. Nice blog and good info.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Gonna have to check and see if grandson is still into Batman!