Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Friends

I must say, I have met the most fantastic people on OLA.com. I consider them my friends and feel very fortunate that I have them.

I came to OLA.com from the bay because I simply couldn't afford to sell on their site anymore. I was selling and had great feedback but I was losing more that I was making, in fees.

I had joined OLA.com in 2008 and then forgot I had joined. In December 2009, my dad asked how much I made selling online? When I actually sat down and figured all the fees in, I found someone was making a lot of money but it sure wasn't me!

I remembered I had joined OLA.com and changed my membership from a free buyer to a seller at $8 a month. And, whoa, Nellie!! I found a whole community of people willing to take the time to help me, support me, give me instruction, share their secrets in "how to do it", and so much more!! This was a new angle for me! I had been in a cut-throat community where one seller didn't share with the next because of the competition!! All of a sudden, I was in a community where people CARED if I succeded or not!! Wow!! What an eye opener!!

Since then, I have upgraded to a store and pay $96.00 a year FOR LIFE!! Never higher!! NO listing fees, NO final transaction fees!! And I have so much fun decorating the store!

Now, originally, I changed over because of the money factor and the way the bay treated people, even those with 100% ratings! But I found that I love OLA.com because of the PEOPLE!! Yes, I make more money than I did at the bay but it's the people that truly amaze me. I consider each of them my friends. We share ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams. We tell each other what can be done to improve sales and we bolster each other during those tough times!!

So, to all my friends at OLA.com, I thank you. This holiday season, I thank God that I found this site and the wonderful people on it. You are my friends and I am forever grateful.

Come on over and meet some of my friends at OLA.com!! You will be so glad that you did!! And join up in the Community where there are games, sales, jokes and more!!

Thank you!

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