Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Store Decorating for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, OLA Store Owners have replaced the ghosts, spiders and pumpkins of Halloween with bountiful images of the autumn harvest and breathtaking fall colors. This holiday offers no prize for creative design, as OLA management seems to be holding out to see what members can dream up for Christmas! Contest or not, those who love to decorate can always be found bringing fresh life to their storefronts with graphics to suit the season.

Take mine, for example, (FleaPirates)... the lovely painting shown above now invites you to leisurely browse my store, much as the two folks in the painting are taking a leisurely walk down this hauntingly beautiful autumn path.

I wonder how many different store decorations you could find at OnlineAuction.com right now?

For sure, I have not discovered them all! I would, however, like to share just a peek at some of my favorite fall-themed stores. Be sure to click on their names and visit their store directly, so that the full effect of their decorating can be enjoyed. You never know... you might find just the treasure you're hunting for, if you take the time to visit! OLA members have the best deals!

KornKountryTreasures has combined poetry, motion and music to set the stage for these cute youngsters to welcome you!

SuperGranny has stepped out this season Art-Deco Style, with perfectly matched shades of orange, purple and black. Stunning!

Aesthetics48 is OLA's November Seller of the Month! Stop by her store and you'll see exactly why!

And Jaswood2 is featuring classic Thanksgiving this season. Her store is always beautifully decorated. Stop by often, or you might miss something extraordinary!


Aesthetics48 said...

I love how you set these pictures up in this blog post. The left right thing. ;) I need more help with blogger and the images.

Supergranny said...

You are so dern smart. Thanks, flea

Fleapirates said...

Anytime, Ace.

And thanks gals... you both did such a nice job decorating! I can hardly wait for Christmas...

kornkountrytreasures said...

Me, too, Ace, although I got some of them over there!! Just not as nice as Flea does it!!

Thanks, Flea for the mentions!!

CurioCache said...

...and curiocache is still holidng out for Christmas, with the background from last year that was never taken down. I had a PLAN!! (just like my outside lights... )