Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Selling on line

Making money vs getting ripped off

This blog is about how you can make money and not get ripped off by some sites you can list on.

I have sold on line since 1998. I joined the bay and thought how wonderful. It was good for a while then things started changing. The biggest change for me was that they withdrew $85.64 from my paypal account two times in one month for fees owed. Yes, I did sell good and my fee was that much for that month, but when they took it out the second time I contacted them. This started in November of 2010. And I contacted them and I contacted them, are you getting the picture. Always got the run around until I told them I was gonna get a lawyer and sue their butts because they told me that yes they did make that mistake and when I ask them to please put the funds back in my paypal account they flat out said "WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO THAT. WE ARE GOING TO CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT". Of course they never did that either. Got tired of their run around and being put on hold for over an hour more than once so I said to myself, why am I doing this. It gets me nowhere and only high BP.

While I was trying to get my money back from the thieves who took it I started searching around for another selling site. That was a short search. I googled what I was looking for and at the top of the first page was aka OLA. I thought wow that is even higher in the search than the bay so I clicked on it and proceeded to read all about them. That night I signed up with OLA as a founding member. I have never regreted a minute of it.

As a member of OLA I pay one fee and that is $8.00 a month, I can list up to 8,000 items for free, I pay no final value fee, I pay no relisting fee. Not one penny over the $8.00 a month, They do not own a payment system like paypal but if I want to use it I can because it is my business and I run it the way I choose not the way someone else chooses. If I need a question answered I post it in the chats and I can tell you before the day is over someone has seen it and reached out to help. If you need tech help you call one number and chances are the person who answers the phone it who you need and you are never ever put on hold while they help other people. And a biggie for me is when I call I talk to someone I can understand...speaking english.

The biggest difference is the people at OLA are friendly and so eager to help newbies get up and running. Never heard of that before but then at the bay there are no such things as friends. There are only other people who sell items. It is not like the family I feel apart of at OLA. I was at the bay for over 10 yrs and no friends. I have been at OLA for 11 months and I have family here. They want to know why if they don't see a post by you in a chat for a few days, wondering if you are OK and is there anything they can do to help you. That to me is the most amazing thing.

If you have not checked out OLA you should at least look them over. In 11 monthes I have over 385 all positive feed back. That means sales!! That means that OLA helps promote the sellers and they also show all of us ways to promote our business. I blog and share it, I face book and share it. I tweet, I feature some of my items on FB and I share some others items on FB also and I share all of them. You cannot just sit back and wonder why you have no sales. The economy is bad but at OLA we still have sales and we get to keep it all. My OLA house was very easy to set up and it is user friendly.

I hope if you read this you will click on my link to visit my selling site at OLA 

Thank you for taking time to read my blog they will not all be business but I will be blogging more now that I have time because if something does not sell it is automatically relisted for you.

Please leave a comment good or bad as they all count.

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