Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Look What I Made!!

OK, I must admit I was totally surprised!

A little history.

My father-in-law is gluten free and has been for about ten years. Ok, you find these flours that are gluten free and they have recipes or they say you can use them in place of regular wheat flour. Well, I gotta say . . . . NOT NECESSARILY!!

I found some 4 bean flour one time that the package said, "use just like regular flour". Well, I got some bread dough made and put it in my bread machine. I had the timer going and it smelled so good!!! Wow!! I was so excited!!

The dinger went off and I opened it up to find . . . . . a hard little ball, no bigger than a tennis ball, nicely baked!! That puppy was as hard as a croquet ball!!

My second attempt was making pie crust. How hard can that be?? Well, I figured the bread dough fiasco was because I was using a bread machine, so I tried again making pumpkin pies.

Have you ever set your oven on fire???? Well, I DID!! If there is no gluten, the shortning does not absorb and really makes a mess on the bottom!! After I got the oven cleaned up, I said never again!! Mixes or nothing!!

If you have ever shopped for gluten free mixes, you know how expensive they are!! Each year, I buy pie crust mixes to make him pies and on the holidays, frozen bread to make stuffing for him. The pie mix is over $4.00 and the frozen bread (very small loaf) is well over $5.00!! And this is rice bread so it really doesn't taste like "bread" as we know it! It's very dry and grainy. The pie crust is better but it isn't what Mom used to make!!

I wasn't too pleased with it but it was the best we had . . . . . . . until . . . . . .Sunflower Antics came to and joined in the Terrific Tuesday Sales!! WELL, guess what I found in her store?
1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes by Carol Fenster, Diet Celiac Disease Nutrition!!

And just look at the Brioche French Bread that came out of my oven!!! WOW!! And the best thing is, it tastes LIKE BREAD!!!
I am just so excited!! I also made some Sourdough French Bread out of the book and it was wonderful, too, but I didn't get pictures of it!! But again, IT TASTES LIKE BREAD!!

So, ya gotta experiment sometimes and see what else is out there! (If you are like me, keep a fire extinguisher handy and the phone close to dial 911!!)

I am no cook. I HATE to cook! But this was so much more enjoyable than making a mix that didn't quite taste like food. Or setting the oven on fire!

So maybe I need to take a peek at what else is out there!! I feel pretty good about my ability now!! Wooohoooo!!

SilkandTreasures has this Confederate Era Southern Recipes Cook Book (oooh, sounds rich!)

Debsvarietyshop has this wonderful Rada Gifts in a Jar Cookie and Desser Recipe Cookbook (just think of the goodies you can give people!!)

Sunflowerantics has this Gooseberry Patch Christmas Holidays Book for Ideas Crafts and Recipes (just in time, too!!!)

And for your pets . . . . Uniqueboutique has this Dog Biscuit Recipe Book with Treat Cutters! (now you can spoil Fido!!!)

So, come on over to and check it out!! Lots of great things to be found!! And, if you have time, check out our store, Korn Kountry Treasures!!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!


Fleapirates said...

Just HAD to tell you, Korn... I made the Apple Butter recipe that you posted earlier! And it is delicious!

My crockpot yielded 8 jelly jars of apple butter. The apples were large, so instead of 12-14, I used just 10. Couldn't have gotten another diced apple in there if I had tried.

So happy that I decided to try it. See? You are right! Look around and find some interesting new recipes!

chateycathey said...

That bread is making me hungry just to look at it. You should be very proud Amy. You did a great job for someone who does not like to cook. Your FIL is a very lucky man.

Aesthetics48 said...

That bread is totally scrumptious looking!!! I love crusty breads.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Flea, so great that the apple butter turned out for you!! It freezes nicely! Now if I can find the recipe for the frozen strawberry jam my mom used to make!!

Ace, sourdough bread has a nice crust and super easy to make!! The regular kind, I mean. If ya want I can send the recipe to ya!!