Monday, December 5, 2011


When some people retire they feel like something is missing in their lives. I know several and some have told me they feel lost and others tell me how great it is.

To be healthy after you retire people should be active. What I have noticed is that a lot of the retirees find ways to stay busy by being a volunteer at some charities. All of the people who donate their time at our hospital are retired and they usually say they could not stay home and watch television and they needed something in their life to keep them busy. Retirees run the habitat for humanity, the humane society and the hospital gift shop and second hand store.

There are some who physically cannot volunteer but they seem to find some other reason to keep themselves busy and feel needed. One who is house bound told me she crochet's baby caps for newborns and gives them to the hospital. She said it makes her feel good and also needed.

Then there are those who are happily retired and staying home. You will usually see them either traveling on a trip or traveling to a doctors office. After being busy for so long while they are working they do not seem to realize how their body will react after they retire. Your system changes along with your activities. Staying active by walking or going to the gym and working out is a very good way to stay healthy.

If and when my time comes I plan on being a volunteer. I am one who truly believes that if you sit around the house and do nothing but watch television you will eat more, gain weight and start the process of needing to make the trip to the doctor for one thing or another. Exercize helps keep the heart healthy also. Heart desease runs in my family but I try to be heart smart.

Until the time I retire and probably after I do, I will continue to have my on line business at OLA.COM. That certainly keeps my mind busy as well as keeping up with friends. I ride a stationary bike now and I walk and I work.

If you are retired I hope you can stay busy and have a feeling of being needed. If you are not retired yet I hope you think about what you will do when you retiree. Most importanly keep moving, a little or a lot it all helps.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy


kornkountrytreasures said...

You have some good ideas here!! CC, you aren't gonna retire!!!

chateycathey said...

Did once but went back to work. Too much hard work staying home trying to figure out what I do next. No childres so nothing going on there lol. Used to working and some times two jobs.