Friday, January 6, 2012

Ahhhhh, the wonderful winter!

Okay, do you LIKE to sit shivering and trying to keep warm when the temperature dips into the 30's or below?

Do you LIKE being exposed to the sniffles, sneezes and "Ahhhhchoooo's" that appear this time each year?

It's not much fun waiting for that spring thaw, is it? Granted, there are some who LIVE for this snow and cold!! But unless you are a skier, snowboarder or the like, it's kind of a drag, especially when you are getting to be a more "mature" age (like me!!).

And who LIKES to shovel the snow?? Not I!! I can certainly think of better things to do!!
Now we all have a way of trying to make it better, don't we!! Trying to put on a good face about it!

I have a better idea!! Pick up one of these babies and head south!!! Here at, we have several of these wonderful "home away from homes"!! How about this sleek

And just LOOK at these from Multilistadmin!!!

Now, when it's cold and blowing, wouldn't you rather be down south where it's warm and sunny? Sure, you would!! Well, has some great deals whether you are looking for a winter home or just to take for family trips!! Just take a peek!!

And remember this, if you are looking to trade-up and want to sell yours, you can list it on for $8.00 a month with NO FINAL VALUE FEES OR LISTING FEES!! No sharing the profits with ANYONE!! (Unless you WANT to, of course!!) You can't get a better deal than that!!

And if you are looking for other great deals, please stop in our store and browse around!!

Thank you and have a great day!!


CurioCache said...

That would be the PERFECT life! :)

kornkountrytreasures said...

Yes, it would!!

Supergranny said...

Well, let me tell ya ladies..we just sold ours and lived in it full time for 7 years. It is fun and you get to experience all kinds of pulling out the sewer hose (black water) and sticking it in the sewer hookup hole making sure it is anchored in there good or when you go to pull the valve to dump it slips out and the sh*tting thing flops like a running dropped hose flinging 'stuff' all over including you. At which time someone from the park comes tooling over with 5 gals of bleach and we proceed to clean up the mess on the concrete and the dirt, etc. (I know, cuz that happened to us ONCE)

There's a lot of places in this country that the wind blows with all kinds of gusto. If you've got your awning out, you rush to get it shut or it will end up over the top of your roof where it flaps in the wind! Or your slides are out when a whirlwind comes along and blows so hard that your slide gets all wampy-jawed and won't close correctly. Oh, I could go on and on.

Other than a few minor (?) things like that - it is true heaven and I think everyone should experience it!! Take lots of coinage!!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Yes, my sister and hubby go to AZ about January and come back in May. Have done that the past several years and they love it!! Especially Roy, no more shoveling!!

They have friends and relatives that they circle and visit so it makes it extra special. They haven't had any harrowing problems yet, knock on wood!!