Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new YOU!

Some of my friends and family have decided to re-invent themselves as a New Years Resolution. My daughter leads the way with Hot Yoga, obstacle courses and Zumba. I'll be happy to be able to get up our 3 front steps without panting... has lots of great ways to shape up and eat healthy for a more fit and happy YOU! 

(Dancing burns up about 200 calories an hour!)

The Firm body sculpting system from plusizeglamor!

(Vigorous calisthenics burns about 300 calories an hour!)

Sketchers Shape Ups Accelerator fitness shoes from barefootnot!

(Hiking burns about 250 calories an hour!)


 (Carrying your own golf clubs burns about 200 calories an hour!)

Reflective Running/Walking vest from ledseller!

(Walking burns about 120 calories an hour! And, you can enjoy it with your kids, your dog, your friend, or your miniature horse..)

So many fun and fit things to choose from at!
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Supergranny said...

Curio, love it....all very cute.First off, where did you get that first picture of my hubby? Zumba sounds like a juice stand! I've watched so many exercise videos that my eyes are in great shape but the rest of me is going southward an I'm talkin Argentina way south!!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Fantastic post, Curio!! Lots of ideas in that-did you have to look each one up? Or are you one of those walking encyclopedias??

I need to do something-my north is joining the south at the equator!! SG, understand completely!!

CurioCache said...

You guys crack me up! I've no longer got a equator..just one big continent now!

Aesthetics48 said...

I love this post too. Very humorous! SG....... I think that is my husband. LOL