Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have you featured an item at OLA.COM yet? It is as simple as one click while you are listing. At the bottom left of your listing page there is a place to check the box to feature a listing.

It is $10.00 to feature an item, however I have featured many and have not put out any more money than the $8.00 per month it cost the be a member here at OLA.COM. Now how did I do that you may be wondering. I will tell you and you can do it too.

When I joined OLA.COM I joined as a founding member and with that membership I received 300 auction credits. That is like $300.00 so when I featured my first item it cost me 10 credits or $10.00. That money came out of the 300 credits I received. 

Then to my surprise three months later I was selected for the honor as seller of the month. With that honor came more credits. Yet more money to spend on featuring my auctions, which I did and still do and have not yet put out one penny more than my membership fee.

Next came a store decorating contest. I had no idea about decorating my store. Not one clue. I ask for help and WOW it came from the ones who are really great at doing this and they helped me. Gave me great advice and sent instructions on just how to do it. So I did it and would you believe I came in third. More auction credits. I love this kind of action.

And finally came the time to decorate for the Christmas contest decorating our stores again. Now there was no way I thought I could win as some of these stores were truly awesome and also decorated by the best of the best. When it came time to find out who had won the contest I was floored to see my name as one of the three winners. If you guessed that I got more auction credits, you guessed right.

I had set a goal for myself hoping to make 500 feedback before my first year was up. I got close but did not make it to 500. I had 453 but you know I was really happy for that. That meant that I sold and sold well with happy customers and also that I bought and loved what I bought. I still have not used all of my auction credits. 

I am blogging about this to let you know what you can do at OLA.COM . If I can do it you can do it also. It all started for me when I joined and went to the chats for the first time and saw that this is a family of people helping people and that the owners and staff at OLA.COM are willing to go out of their way to help make you feel like part of the family and also to help you succeed. When one is a sucess OLA.COM is a sucess and that helps all of us.

The great thing about featuring one of your items is that people see that one item and then they want to see what else you have to offer. Great exposure and all it cost me is my membership fee. I did not keep track of all the items I featured but I try to keep one there a month and sometimes more. Hopefully I will get lucky again and win some free auction credits and if not I will feature anyway and pay the $10.00 fee because I believe that has brought me business.

That is my story about featuring auctions and how I was able to do it. Maybe you will consider doing it also and I think you will be very surprised at how it works and how you can compete in the many contest that OLA.COM offers and win some credits like I did plus it is just plain fun to be a part of it all.

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope it helped you understand how featuring an item can help you and how you can do it easily.

May 2012 be a great year for all of us and lets all unite and help everyone be happy that they joined our family of friends and co workers.


Krautrock said...

Great story. However, I don`t think that I can get so far in a year. Simply because I sell items that not everyone needs. Also, not everyone like to buy from outside the States. ... But, a year is long. And anything can happen in 12 months. ...

kornkountrytreasures said...

Super blog, CC!!

Hey, Dirk, never say never!! You'd be surprised!!

I also have had lot's of "free" auction credits. One way is to play the Scavenger Hunt!! That's where I've gotten a lot of them! And SIGNUPS ARE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!!

chateycathey said...

I love ya Amy but that game gives me a major headache LOL I do stop buy though and see who is close and who is pulling their hair out. Got lots to do this month but may give you a go next month though. Not giving up on it.