Thursday, January 12, 2012


 Yes, it snowed!! Okay, not much!! But better than nothing! I tell you it has been a very warm winter here, thusfar!! I live in Iowa and this is just becoming insane! Our temperature day before yesterday was in the 60's and this is becoming the norm this year.

So, I was delighted to see some winter here!

Now, speaking of snow . . . . . . . here at, we have some wonderful things for "snow"!

If you get more than we did, and I KNOW that some did . . . check out this cool

Need snowmobile parts? How about this SNOWMOBILE - HOLESHOT™ SKIDPLATES
 from ZKProducts? They have LOTS of things for snowmobiles!!

Okay, maybe you just like to play the piano about snow!! Here is a great
LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW - SHEET MUSIC (1945) from JRFleamarket! And I am quite sure there are others!!

How about building a cute little snowman and keep warm doing it?? Here is a super
McCALLS # P321 SNOW FAMILY PATTERN from Uneekbouteek! Many more to be had here!!

And if you are looking for a cute snowman just to look at or serve with, here is a 
Sonoma Snowman Lifestyles Jester Cap Dessert Plate from our store, KornKountryTreasures! We have others and would love to combine shipping!!

Now who said snow wasn't fun?? Just look at all the things I found and there are MANY MORE at! So check them out!! Great sellers, great prices!!

Thank you!!


Supergranny said...

Yup, that's a puny snow fersure. That last snow we had was so deep we couldn't get the doors open and now 4 weeks later the deck is clear but yard is still full of snow. I miss the warm weather sans snow more than anything when we were snowbirds?(

chateycathey said...

So Amy are you waiting for enough snow to make a snow angel? Our average is 4" per year. Last year wh had 28" so propably will not be making snow angels this year, Booooo Hooooo

Krautrock said...

Please don`t forget these 2 little snowmen:

Thanks for looking (and buying).

Aesthetics48 said...

You call that snow? We had more here last October, city near about came to a halt! But since then we have had one of the warmest winters so far too. I like that cool snow blower but I hope I never have to use one! LOL