Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello my friends,
it is time for another "travel" blog. ... Today we are visiting FINLAND. - (Click on FINLAND to buy my offered photo disc.)
Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden in the west, Norway in the north and Russia in the east, while Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland.
Around 5.4 million people reside in Finland, with the majority concentrated in the southern region. It is the eighth largest country in Europe in terms of area and the most sparsely populated country in the European Union. Finland is a parliamentary republic with a central government based in Helsinki and local governments in 336 municipalities. A total of about one million residents live in the Greater Helsinki area (which includes Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa), and a third of the country's GDP is produced there. Other larger cities include Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Lahti and Kuopio.
Finland was historically a part of Sweden, and from 1809–1917 was an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire. The Finnish Declaration of Independence from Russia in 1917 was followed by a civil war in which the leftist side was defeated with German support. Finland fought World War II as essentially three separate conflicts: the Winter War (1939–1940), the Continuation War (1941–1944), and the Lapland War (1944–1945). Finland joined the United Nations in 1955, the OECD in 1969, the European Union in 1995, and the eurozone at its inception in 1999.
Finland was a relative latecomer to industrialisation, remaining a largely agrarian country until the 1950s. Thereafter, economic development was rapid. Finland built an extensive welfare state and balanced between the East and the West in global economics and politics. With the best educational system in Europe, Finland has recently ranked as one of the world's most peaceful, competitive and livable countries.
Finland is one of the world's northernmost countries. It lies between latitudes 59° and 71° N, and longitudes 20° and 32° E. Of world capitals, only Reykjavik lies more to the north than Helsinki. The distance from the southernmost – Hanko – to the northernmost point in the country – Nuorgam – is 1,160 kilometres (720 mi).


chateycathey said...

Thanks for the very nice and informative blogs about other countries. Very informational and interesting. You do great blogs.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Beautiful picture, Dirk!! Wow!

I think it is interesting to note that Finlanders, Norwegians and Swedish people came to this country and were very prejudiced against each other. My Grandmother raised her sons (my dad and brothers) in Red Lodge MT and they had coal mines where a lot of "foreigners" came to work. Some of the stories are very interesting! Good to learn about their country!

To this day, every August, Red Lodge has a Festival of Nations that is huge!!

Supergranny said...

Kraut, by golly yer better than The Travel Channel!!