Saturday, January 21, 2012

Turquoise . . . .

I love turquoise jewelry! I don't know why since it is always in silver. I don't even wear anything but gold and not even much of that! But I have always loved the turquoise stones in the silver settings.

Here at, we have a lot of silver pieces for sale! Some old, some new! Just look!

Chateycathey just listed these Two Gorgeous Turquoise Bracelets NWOT and I happen to know she has other pieces besides!!

This Silver and Turquoise Men's Belt Buckle 5 Chunks of Turquoise is a beauty and can be found at 4lllls store! Other pieces are listed too!!

This is a gorgeous Genuine Turquoise Pendant from Singleton000!

 Foxy 10159 has this STERLING SILVER TURQUOISE GEMSTONE RING - SIZE 9 just waiting for the right buyer!

So, if you are looking for turquoise jewelry, stop in at! We have a lot more to show you! And if this isn't what you are looking for, please stop in our store and browse, KornKountryTreasures! We would love to have you drop in!

Thank you!


chateycathey said...

All of those items are beautiful, not just mine. Thanks for the plug. Now I keep some I want from my store that I closed but I gotta go check out the other turquoise peddlers LOL Might just find something I have not seen before.

kornkountrytreasures said...

There are some really pretty pieces!! I gotta tell ya . . . I was amazed!! But yours started it all!!!

fourells said...

This is very good and I especially agree that I think the ploy for more and more postage is insane. Another business that is self serving. I don't hear the other delivery services crying the blues and some of their employees I am told are making $35.00 per hour. Entitlement mentality due to repeat behavior. They need to improve or add service so the public will want to use them. i WANT TO Thank the bloggers for mentioning my belt buckle with Turquoise. May 2012 be fantastic! Blessings to all.
Lee Lowe

CurioCache said...

Soooo pretty!! Excellent choices!!

fourells said...

Thank you to all the ola members and staff. This has been a great year, and the new season is off to a good start. I especially thank you for promoting my items. Ola has been the most productive of all the selling sites I have tried. Keep up the good work. We can be the next better E____. It is sunny and warm here in Tucson, Arizona come visit we have the Gem Show starting soon. Anyone from Ola coming? Please let me know we can meet and I can show you where I shop! Lee