Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's Sold?

I really like going to the What's Sold tab on the front page of! So many interesting and unique things, some being sold for less than $1.00, some for hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars!
It's fun seeing some of the very successful sellers, checking out their listings and how they do things, and also cool to see brand new members with their first sale! I've found things I didn't even know I wanted by looking at a sold item and then visiting that sellers store.  Here are a few fun things that have been sold recently:

Holy Cow! A HUGE lot of jewelry for over 213 bucks!

From our resident TruTV celebrity, (and all-around nice person) letsplaytagsales!

A British Farthing from our fantastic seller of the monthgusfirefly! (sold for more than a farthing, I think!)

 sixfters (American Girl seller extraordinaire) sold a wonderful retired jammies set for 25.00!

Even I, curiocache, had a very good 5.00 sale with this fun Kachina Doll coloring book!

Bright and beautiful fabric from bluehanahcottage to get your quiltin' on for 2.29 - a steal! (gotta move fast round here to get the best deals!)

WOW! There was even a front page color ad sold for 500.00 by forumoffargomoorhead!

Even if something's already sold, take a peek at the sellers' other offerings..more treasures await!
You just never know what you'll find - or SELL at!

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chateycathey said...

Wow you and Amy are right on with what"s for sale from Amy and what's
sold. Very cool that you both did this back to back. Nice Blog and some great items featured.