Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Hint #26 -- Toys For Grownups

Toys aren’t just for the kids. Another of our family traditions is to give a round of toys to the whole family to play with after the rest of the gifts have been opened. These inexpensive items encourage friendly competition and make the festivities last longer. One year it was yo-yo’s, another time it was those little balsa wood airplanes. We had the little helicopters that launch spinning disks, bubble makers, and several Frisbee variations.

One year we had a series of “events” and called it the family Olympics. We all had to run from station to station, solving puzzles or mastering skills. We always do these activities after the presents and big meal, to get us up and moving.

It’s always a challenge to find something new and silly, but we’ve kept it up even after the kids and granddaughter were grown up. Our Christmases may not be traditional, but they’re never boring.

Some other ideas for after Christmas activities are board games, puzzles, and bringing out the home videos/movies.

Here are some toys and games from OLA.


chateycathey said...

Great ideas. Have to use it or loose it. Keep moving helps a lot. The family olympics sounds like such fun

kornkountrytreasures said...

It does sound like fun!! Perhaps I might have to incorporate this idea!! Grandson will probably beat us all!!