Saturday, November 26, 2011

Now for something a little different..

This slimy little fella came out of the water and "gifted" his audience a crab before returning to the briny sea. How thoughtful! Enjoy!

And if boneless critters are your favorite, you can find some at!

Spongebob table lamp from JRFleamarket

Starfish tealight holder from curiocache

Fluted giant clam from houseofstones They have some really cool things!

Dale the Snail Garbage Pail Kids card from jimscollectibles!

Don't forget to support small businesses in your community and online this holiday season!! Buy local and Buy American made when you can!!  Start here with the fine sellers at!


Supergranny said...

What fun....thanks for the smile:)

kornkountrytreasures said...

Different is right!! Good post!

chateycathey said...

Sponge Bob is so cool. Nice post