Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have been dealing with this question since November 22, 2011. You would think this would be a problem for someone younger but it is my problem and I have to solve it.

OLA.COM is doing a secret santa gift exchange and I signed up for it. That was easy. I got my omail from Secret Santa telling me who I was to be a secret santa for and that was easy as it had information very helpful to me.

The hard part came when I received my gift from my secret santa on the 22nd of Nov. and it is sitting here. I want to open it, but I also want to wait. I have always had this problem at Christmas and I usually wait BUT this one has me wondering.

The return address does not have a name on it and it does not have a city or state. Just the physical address with a zip code. Well  I looked up the zip code and it is from Ohio. This is my delima. I do not think I know anyone who signed up fot the secret santa exchange that is from Ohio.

Now I think if I knew who it was from I would not have a problem like this. My only problem then would be what is it. As it is now I have two issues...who is it from is the biggest and then what is it.

So I will be torn until I make a decission on what to do and when to do it. I want to wait but I also want to know who and what. I guess I could go through all the family I have at http://www.http// to see who is from Ohio but that is so time consuming. 

I need time to list more items for the Cyber Monday sale which extends into the Terriffic Tuesday sale. WOW two full days of sales and extra special specials. On to my store to get some more done now. Watch me at to see what new items I have listed and what specials I am running.



CurioCache said...

I didn't wait... I opened it in about 2 seconds.. and it was fantastic!!! However, I THINK I know who it's from, but not positive......just gonna have to wait!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Ah, maybe someone tricked you!! hehe!! Now you're REALLY gonna be wonderin'!!