Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today is Small Business Saturday. Yesterday was Black Friday and everyone and their family trooped to the big malls and chain stores. Well, today, people are asked to support their local merchants, shops and stores. Each dollar you spend in your local shops are more likely to stay in the community!

Perhaps you are like me. I hate stores and crowded shopping! I have avoided Black Friday for years, to the extent that I would volunteer to work so that others could get up at some horrendous hour and join the hordes of people!!

So, I much prefer shopping online!! And guess what! has LOTS of small businesses! They are located all over!! These small businesses would be honored to have you shop in their stores!! And here are just a few!!

Goldi has a LOT of fun things to browse through!! Love Your Pet is a great place to shop and help a pet sanctuary in the process!!

Dusty Corners and
Classic Chloe both have a variety of items from which to choose! Metzy Mom makes some wonderful soy tarts! Great stocking stuffers

Sunflower Antics, one of our newer members, has some fabulous cookbooks!!

There wasn't any way I could list all the stores on! And besides stores, we also have fabulous month to month members that are selling!! So take a peek, check it out!! If you want a list of all the stores at, just click on Santa! He'll direct you!!

And our store is called Korn Kountry Treasures! We'd be delighted to have you visit us!! Thank you!


Love Your Pet Expo said...

Great post. Thanks for the plug.

chateycathey said...

Very good post Amy. There are so few of us that took the November challenge to post a blog a day, I just wonder why the rest who are signed up did not take it. Just a few of us have done so much think what we all could have done.

kornkountrytreasures said...

It's not easy!! But then, I'm not working so that helps! Was tricky the days we were traveling though. I thought if I got it ready to post and then posted it before leaving it would be ok but actually ended up with two the same day and none the next!! So I'm out two days. But it's all for the cause!!

CurioCache said...

Excellent post!! Thanks!!!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I noticed a lot of us (including me) don't have our name on our logo that we've uploaded. Makes it harder to garner pics for the blog!!