Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Hint #3 -- Gift Wrapping

If gift-wrapping is one of your specialties, now is a good time to think about unique wrapping ideas.

If recycling is a priority, save the Sunday funnies to use as gift wrap.

Paper bags opened flat and decorated by little kids with crayons are wonderful for wrapping. If you don’t have little kids of your own, you could probably hire some neighbor kids for a quarter to complete this task.

Shop-towels make interesting gift wrap for small automotive or garage-use guy gifts.

Dollar stores sometimes carry mesh laundry bags in 3 packs. A small, practical gift wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed into one of these bags is also good for a smile.

We absolutely love our “Green Bags” for fruits and veggies. If you’re careful, these can be used as reusable gift bags for grownups who cook.

Here are some gift bag ideas from RobinsGoneShopn at


kornkountrytreasures said...

Another idea for HUGE gifts is those cheap plastic table cloths you can find in the dollar stores!!

Great post!!

Supergranny said...

Those are beautiful bags....give that as a gift....fill with potpourri....

Love Your Pet Expo said...

Great idea about the tablecloths, Korny.

I'm with you on the potpourri, Super G. Any excuse will do.

Fleapirates said...

Super ideas!

If you remember, I used a crocheted bag for gift-wrap last year... found it from this great OLA seller and I stuffed it, not only with potpourri, but a pretty necklace, too!

chateycathey said...

Wow so many crafty and wise people on OLA. I love the blogs. Very nice one here

Love Your Pet Expo said...

Omigosh, Flea, not only did I forget, but I also forgot to relist those after the move. YIKES! Ya know, it's really hard to sell stuff that isn't listed. What's up with that?