Thursday, November 3, 2011 YOU clip?

Ok, today I headed to town.  Arm'd & ALL ready to run my errands in a BIG circle and then RUSH home to make supper before rush'n out the door to head to the Chapel.

I'm a "clip'r"...are you?  Now, you are ask'n what in the world is a "clip'r"???  Well, it is someone who enjoy's the excitement of saving money at the register with paring up coupons with sales.  Yep!  My name is Kim, and I'm a clip'r...(insert here support group saying all together... "Hi Kim!").

Are you a clip'r?  You can be!  Pick up one of these on and get started with your next Sunday newspaper...start small and SAVE BIG!

DraggonTagger - Coupon Organizer

Now, clip'n is great...but to be honest with can REALLY stack up the savings by shop'n with the GREAT Sellers on!    Give it a will be GLAD you did and will come back over and over again!


Supergranny said...

I do some clipping but quite often there is nothing that I would normally purchase. You're so right it does save ya bucks.

chateycathey said...

Very nice blog Kim. And di you know that DT (Jen) has those handy dandy organizers for sale in her store? Check them out at
I think.

Love Your Pet Expo said...

Don't forget you can get coupons online, too, and Walmart takes everyone's coupons so you don't even have to run around to take advantage of the savings.

kornkountrytreasures said...

You are right!! I don't have anything to clip though. Don't take the paper so I try by printing coupons. Can sometimes get some good deals!