Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is a Rasi

Well Supergranny it is time to tell you what a Rasi is. Rasi is my husband's last name. To tell you how that happened I need to tell you a little about me first.

I did not get married the first time until I was in my fourty's. For a good reason I just did not trust men.

The man I married was very nice and good man. His name was Phil. He treated me well. Unfortunately we were only married a little over five years when he got ill. I also took care of a relative of mine for 16 years, her name was Gwyn. They got along just fine.

I don't know if you know this or not but when you call for an ambulance in the state of Florida they send an ambulance, a fire truck and a police car for each call. On the morning Phil got very sick it upset Gwyn so much that her BP went up and the ambulance that was there called for assistance for Gwyn. Two of each emergency responders were all in front of my house. Two ambulances, two fire trucks and two police cars.

Phil was admitted to the hospital about 15 minutes before Gwyn was. Strange day that was. Phil came home after a two day stay and Gwyn came home after a six day stay.
About two months later Phil died, and Gwyn continued to live with me. It was three monthe later that Gwyn's doctor admitted her to a nursing home because she would not eat. She lived there for a while but ten months after Phil died she died. She weighed 49 lbs when she passed away. Now I was the care giver with no one to care for.  It was hard and to top that off my little pomeranian got out and was killed by a car. It was definately a rough year for me.

One night my neice who was 23 at the time came to my home and used her key to get in. I was at the computer and I forgot to hide the gun I had by my side. She was very upset and said "What are you doing with the gun out here by you". I told her to calm down and I put it back where I kept it. She spent the night, said she was afraid to leave me alone.

I was so lost I had contemplated killing myself but I did not tell her. Actually I told no one. At the time I was really low and it hit me like a lightening bolt that God gave me my life and He is the only one who has the right to take it. I cried all night wondering what I was going to do with the grief I felt.

I had never been in a chat room and had no idea how to even find one. I want you to understand that because when I went to the computer I went directly to the chat rooms on aol and into the widow and widowers chat room. I know I was led there because before I got there I did not even know it existed.

I was there about a week before I opened up to anyone. Then one night one of the women told me to block my instant messaging. She said some men come in the chat looking for widows to hit on. I blocked it. Then we began chatting and her an another woman stayed up almost all night with me and let me talk and ask questions. That helped me so much. It was about three weeks and I was talking to other people that came into the room needing someone to listen.

I guess I was there about three months when we noticed someone come into the room and just not say anything. We could tell it was a man becuase of the user id he had. He did not talk and he left. This went on for about four nights then he started talking. He had lost his wife about two months ago and he had a 15 year old son who was taking it really hard. She had a kidney transplant and she was s brittle diabetic so she had a rough time of it. By this time I was helping others and that helped me.

This went on for about six months and one night he ask me if I ran the room. I told him no one runs the room we are all here because we need support. He ask if he could IM me and I said NO. He ask if he could email me and I said NO. People knew to get into that chat room you had to be on aol and that your user id was probably your email address also. I got an email that was really off color so I reported it to aol and sent them a copy of it. I am not a prude but some topics are off limits. That put an end to that guy as aol terminated his membership. No big deal he could sign up again using a different name.

This is getting kind of long and I don't want to take up all the blog as others are blogging also. I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow. If you are interested you can tune in tomorrow and if not you can skip it but it will be here.

Going over this part of my life does not put me in the mood to list an item I have for sale so I will leave a link to get you to my OLA house if your interested in what I sell

Thank you for reading my blog and leave a comment please...good or bad they all count.



CurioCache said...

Wow! You have had some interesting experiences!! I'll tune in tomorrow!

Supergranny said...

You scallawag...I just got my bowl of popcorn and was munching away when you say 'tune in tomorrow'. I hate leftover popcorn. I am sorry, I thought there was a funny Rasi story...but then Rasi might be many questions...will have to wait I guess (sigh)

kornkountrytreasures said...

I will definitely be here tomorrow!! SG, share that popcorn?? :)

CC, I know this opens up a lot of hurts and I appreciate that you are sharing it with us!! Thank you!! Hugs and prayers!! We love you!!

Fleapirates said...

I'll be back tomorrow... 'cause I just know this story has a happy ending!

chateycathey said...

Yes KK, i did wipe a tear or two away. It's all good though. Tears out are not puddles in.

Love Your Pet Expo said...

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm so glad you found a way to turn your life around and now you're here with us. {Hugs}

Aesthetics48 said...

My goodness, I guess I have to show up for your next post as you have left us with a cliff-hanger!

Cathy Cavarzan said...

Just remember that every and I mean everything good,bad,logical and illogical happens for a reason.Sometimes we do not know what that reason is till years later and sometimes not even then.But for every struggle we do get stronger