Thursday, November 3, 2011

Safe Neck Scarves for Kids

This is called a tube scarf made by Draggon Tagger and it shows how you can pull it up over your head to form a "snood".

There are several reasons why I like these neck scarves.

Did you know that kids can be strangled by neck scarves getting caught in car doors, bus doors and the like? That was the reason that there was a voluntary recall of drawstrings on jackets and coats for children back in the '90's.

My kids and then my grandkids rode the school bus. It was hard enough getting THEM on the bus with their clumpy boots, big backpacks and heavy coats, hats and mittens. When the grandkids started riding, I couldn't keep them in their scarves and it dawned on me that if I just crocheted a "tube", kind of like a real wide neckline on a sweater, it would work just fine!!

And it did!!

My friend, Draggon Tagger makes these for children only they are knit!! I like them better as they have a closer weave. She has several up for sale right now and they are a wonderful bargain!!

Keep your child or grandchild from tripping over the ends or getting caught or hurt by purchasing a tube scarf for them! And they won't be dragging all over picking up all kinds of germs!! After seeing the Dr. Oz show and the kinds of germs that he was finding on some of his audiences scarves, I was stunned!!

Tube Scarf Child Size Boys Brown

Tube Scarf Glamour

These are for sale right now and I am sure that she will be making more over the winter months!! So bookmark her house, Draggon Taggers Cave, and check them out!!

Great stocking stuffers!!!

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Fleapirates said...

That DraggonTagger is great with knitting needles! I have a couple of things that she has made. :)

CurioCache said...

I bought an amazing purse made out of grocery bags, made by Draggontagger.. you never know what kind of clever things she's gonna come up with!

chateycathey said...

Great blog KK. And CurioCache, I too have one of those awesome bags. DT is very inovative and her mind is always going. I am thinking I need one of those neck scarf's

Aesthetics48 said...

These are just so wonderfully warm and great for cold winter days.

Supergranny said...

She's a peach but I have NOone to gift those to:(