Monday, November 28, 2011

Get Your Uruguay Ashtray Here!

I just want to let all you shoppers know that the only place in Manzanola, Colorado, that you can get an ashtray from Uruguay without traveling there is at Supergrannys Treasures

Supergrannys Treasures is a small Collectible Boutique offering Advertising, Ashtrays, Tobacciana items at very very fair prices.

The thing to remember is with the demise of smoking, ashtrays and advertising tobacciana items are rarely being made any more and they will, one day soon, become a hot collectible and will become increasingly rare. Add to or start your collection today. From retro days gone by when almost every home, kitchen table, desk, or place of business had ashtrays sitting around for their employees and customers.

Remember imperfections on vintage ashtrays are not unusual and can be expected as they were heavily used.

Back to my opening sentence "Get Your Uruguay Ashtray Here!".

The words on the ashtray are love, Uruguay, peace.  Uruguay as a whole country only has approx 3.5 million citizens.  They love their beef...they have lots of grassland to feed the cattle.  Doesn't this look like a newly purchased ashtray?  It's not, I've had it for many years.  CLICK HERE to View this Item

There are tens of sellers having specials for a special two day event....Cyber Monday...CLICK HERE for Online Auction


kornkountrytreasures said...

Love you post, SG!! Thanks for the notice on the sales!!

maggiemaybecrafty said...

Very nice SuperG. You alway have interesting items and excellent prices.

Fleapirates said...

I am wondering if your handsome hubby bought this for you in Uruguay long ago? I know you two were a traveling pair...

Supergranny said...

Hey, wait a minute you been peekin at my husband? How do you know he's handsome? He might be as homely as that mud fence over there......see it? :)

Fleapirates said...

Of course I was a peekin'!

Or did ya get some OTHER handsome guy to pose for that Facebook photo???