Monday, November 28, 2011

A little comparison shopping..

As I was shopping on the Internet today, I was somehow taken to ... another.. site.  I hadn't been there in oh...about 2 1/2 years and wondered what price some things were listed as.  I was completely taken by surprise at how expensive some items were. I guess to cover all the fees. So I got curious and did a little comparison shopping and here are few things I found:

Rucinni pin from curiocache 5.00 (which includes FREE SHIPPING!)
And Rucinni pins at another major auction site..between 6 and 27.00!'s another..

Frank Robinson Baseball Bucks from letsplaytagsales 9.99
 At that!! ( bids there!)

And also from curiocache Carved in Bone hardcover book 3.50

At a competitor site? 10.00!!

Need another example?

 From Fleapirates a Hull coffee mug 3.50

At..... (oh heck...we all know I'm talkin' about eBay)....12.00!!!

And this one really got me...

From crittercache a Doodlebug children's horse book (including shipping) 4.50

 Over there?  ....wait for it....!!!!! ( bids)

This represents about 5 minutes of searching, but if I were to buy those things here,  I'd have saved a bundle!! is truly the best place to sell AND BUY this holiday season.. or anytime!

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Fleapirates said...

I comparison shop all the time... and we're ALWAYS competitively priced at OLA!

Why? Because we've got no listing fees and no final value fees! Just $8 a month, unlimited!

So you know our sellers can pass on the savings...