Monday, November 14, 2011

Great Things Happen When A Community Comes Together

You won't find any links in my post today.
Nor will you find any advertisements, useful tips or an amusing story.
Today, I am going to ask for your time.

Great things happen when a community comes together.

One of the finest aspects of being a member at is the sense of "family" that you receive once you join. It sounds corny, doesn't it? But member after member continues to feel it and comment upon it. We all have our own comfort level of sharing... some prefer to keep it strictly business, while others share monumental life moments, and others just share tidbits of their personal life.  Everyone receives the same respect, concern and genuine friendship. It an amazing thing to be able to see this interaction on a daily basis, between folks so many physical miles apart and yet so close as peers.

At 8:00 am this morning, one of our own will be undergoing major surgery.

For those of you who do not know, her name is Jen. You'll find her under the username DraggonTagger. Her doctors will be removing an aggressive cancer from her body today... this is her 3rd battle with this horrible disease. She needs us today.

Those of you who do know Jen, can easily bring to mind her strength of character, her unlimited kindess towards others, her joy for life, and her determination to heal, among other things. She's a member who is much beloved, with good reason.

So without bringing religion into this, all I am asking our community to do today is take a moment to think of Jen. Do whatever strikes your fancy... say a prayer, spend a minute of silence, light a candle, sing a song, recite a poem, or just visualize sending some good ju-ju.

She will feel it.


Supergranny said...

Jen was on my mind when I went to sleep and when I woke up. Your post was wonderful and heartfelt. I am feeling apprehensive as I know you are. She will continue to be there until you let me know what's happened. Thank you for posting.....

Love Your Pet Expo said...

Thank you for the gentle reminder. I woke up grumpy and selfish this morning. You put my day in its proper perspective.

chateycathey said...

I read your blog with tears in my eyes. Jen is the first one who helped me and I have been praying so hard and long for her. I am so glad you posted this and when The tears clear up I will send a blog. You are so right about OLA being family and I feel it too. Thanks again Cindy.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are going out for Jen, family, doctors, nurses and all people who are in charge of her care, tweeting, putting on FB to let my friends know. ♥

kornkountrytreasures said...

You said it much better than I could. Thanks!

Cathy Cavarzan said...

You did such a wonderful post Cindy Thank you for that from all of us