Monday, November 14, 2011

Like a River

Like the others I am not going to be featuring any items or stores today.I am however featuring a very special friend of mine and ours.Jen aka Draggontagger.She and I have been members for more years then you can count back when was a small site we have both seen the remarkable community and family grow to what it has become today.It is amazing! and ola has not changed the caring as it has grown up like so many other sites do,if anything it has become better and even more of a family with each passing year.
I am a relatively quite person who has become more and more open and helpful over the years.There was a time when I would never ever post anything in chats let alone run a game every week!Jen however has been a force to reckon with from day one-in a good way:) It is in part because of her more then any others that I do what I do now,You see before I started posting in chats or anything I would always read the posts did so for a couple years and I always found a post from Jen at least every other day and it was always POSITIVE and HELPFUL.
I would read something and go wow ! I am like that in real life but online?really it was a breathe of fresh air to say the very least.Like others I started out on the bay and had never encountered anything like or its members like Jen LOL
So I do not ramble what I wanted to say is this if you do not know Jen or of her then you should! Like so many others in my life it is a privilege to know such a positive upbeat helpful person and I do mean privilege in every sense of the word.And even though I know her from online and on the phone only I would have no problem inviting her or her family into my home no reservations at all!
Jen is one of those rare breeds that only come around once or twice in a lifetime that is something to be cherished.
So this is titled Like A River for a reason
ALL of the positive thoughts and healing energy that I and the ola family is sending like a river will flow all the way to Jen's soul and help her spirit to heal the body.
I believe everything is energy and like attracts like so positive energy will attract more positive energy so KEEP IT FLOWING :)
LOL I just read back through this and I hope it makes sense I think I was rambling more then I wanted to...have to go
Need coffee I thinks......

You are Loved my friend let your body heal and feel the flow of love and positive energy coming your way!


kornkountrytreasures said...

Thank you, Yogi. You took the words out of my mouth. We are all thinking and praying for Jen.

chateycathey said...

Great post Cathy. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us all. I think a lot of people feel the same way about Jen.