Monday, November 14, 2011


I think that most of us know that Jen aka DT underwent surgery today. I only know what she told me about it and that it is the third time she has had to deal with cancer surgery. Jen is so upbeat when she is feeling well and even sometimes when she does not feel at her best.

I have been praying for Jen for so long and will continue to pray for her until she is cancer free. God is good. I truly believe she will get through the surgery and that the recovery time will be short.

When I first came to OLA on Dec. 24th, 2010 I needed help and Jen called me and walked me through what had me stumped. She is not the only one to do this for others but she was the first to do it for me and I never forgot that. It was such a shock as I came here from the bay and no one there even cares if you check in or not. I learned a lot from and about Jen. I will not call her as she has said she will contact someone when she feels up to it. I will keep going to the chats for any word about her.

I just hope you all who can will keep her in your prayers and thoughts until she beats this. To me this feels like a member of my family is going through this.

That is an amazing thing about OLA and it's members. Once you join OLA and join the chats you are considered family. I have never been treated like that in all my years selling on line.

No link today just the above request. Thanks, CC

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kornkountrytreasures said...

Thank you, CC. Agree in full!