Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Hint #2 -- Get Christmas Cards Ready NOW!

Start writing notes on Christmas cards and get them ready to mail now. Odds are, nothing will change much between now and the middle of December. If you do a few of these each night before bed, it will allow you the luxury of spending more time thinking about and writing to the special people you rarely see but want to stay in touch with. It will also relieve the stress of one more last minute task.

Starting now will also give you a chance to include a small, flat item in the envelope, like a digital photo printout, a crocheted snowflake, a sprig of dried mint, or a coupon for something you know that person likes.

Here is a listing for tiny handmade tassels.

These only take a few minutes to make and do not require any special skills or talent. You could also add a long "tail" and make these into bookmarks.


chateycathey said...

Very cool. Nice blog and very nice of you to feature other OLA members items.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Great idea, Suze! Hadn't thought of throwing in a little special something!! It does sneak up on us!!

Fleapirates said...

Every year the amount of holiday cards we receive gets smaller and smaller... if these people only knew your tips!

Seriously though, I am all in favor of sending out thoughtful, heartfelt holiday greetings and this would be a way to accomplish that without all the stress!

Supergranny said...

Very clever:)

Sunflower Antics said...

Great idea! AND don't forget to write a little message in the card, it is so dis-heartening to just get a signature of a greetings. :(

CurioCache said...

Awesome tips!! Thanks for sharing!!!