Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Collectors Collecting Collectibles

Collecting Tobacciana, or smoking paraphernalia, has been growing and while most items are still readily accessible at garage sales, second hand stores and flea markets, there are many long discontinued Smoking Collectibles that are hard to find. The most popular collectibles today in this category include the early Advertisments both on and off the products, Novelty items, Gambling and Casino, Gold and Sterling plated items, limited production items such as Commemorative and Political items, and certainly anything marked "Occupied Japan" which was manufactured only from 1945 to 1953.

Here is an example:
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Remember when every home and place of business had ashtrays of one kind or another sitting around? The neighborhood garage had ashtrays, the neighborhood market had ashtrays and often times the larger markets had ashtrays hooked to shelves. Go out to dinner at a very fine restaurant and you will find ashtrays on the tables, restrooms had ashtrays. Ashtrays and advertisements were just everywhere, even rolled up in the guys shirt sleeve. Those days are gone.

With the demise of smoking, ashtrays and advertising tobacciana items are rarely being made any more and they will become a hot collectible. Add to or start your collection today.

When you quit smoking, keep your tobacciana collectibles. Tobacco stands without the top parts are good plant stands. Cigarette cases are popular as small purses that will hold a credit card, driver's license and a little money.

Tobacco tins and boxes are interesting storage containers, and the box labels and cigar bands work well for decoupage projects. Best of all, ashtrays can be used to hold short stemmed flowers or kept in the bedroom to hold earrings and rings overnight.  Tobacco tins make a great place to store playing cards.

A very classy Hotel Statler Ashtray

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Love Your Pet Expo said...

I had a full-page magazine ad with a picture of Jimmy Stewart advertising cigarettes. Boy, how times have changed.

Fleapirates said...

SG, you have the most interesting collection of tobacciana products... well, should I say dwindling collection, because I keep purchasing!

Guess I better head over and see what new ones you've listed lately!

kornkountrytreasures said...

You DO have the most fantastic items!! Anyone interested in tobacciana products HAVE to see your store!!

chateycathey said...

SG you sure do have a fine collection of tobacciana items and the look like new. You must not smoke or else you have a favorite one and don't use the ones you list. They are vey nice granny

Anonymous said...

OH MY! You really know your stuff! I'm coming to you when I break open that 30 gal tub (well, I have two of them) filled with collected ashtrays...and the folks never smoked! Just collected! LOL :D